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Dr. Reza Namin

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Dr. Reza Namin is the Superintendent-Elect at the Maine School Administrative District 49. He has over fourteen years experiences as Chief Academic Officer, Superintendent, and Teacher.

Dr. Namin has the experience as the school superintendent in a very diverse public school system in the city of Westbrook, Maine and Regional School District such as Spencer- East Brookfield Regional School District serving both towns of Spencer and East Brookfield and Ralph C. Mahar Regional School District serving four towns of New Salem, Wendell, Petersham, and Orange, Massachusetts. His resume details significant initiatives to foster a public awareness that is cornerstone for support of education in the community, insuring that staff, students, parents, and the community are kept informed of the mission and the accomplishments of the school system, and promote a strong, positive posture in building public support for the school system.

Dr. Namin is the 2012 National Superintendent of the Year Nominee by the National Superintendent of Schools Association; nominated for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics, Science and Technology, and The Massachusetts Teacher of the Year; elected to serve in the Worcester State College Alumni Advisory Board and is the only alumni with the distinction of both Induction to Worcester State College Athletic Hall of Fame and the recipient of the Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Education Alumni Award. A former Professional Soccer Player who played for Boston and was drafted by MSL. He was named the New England Coach of the Year in NCAA Division I, while coaching at Holy Cross College. He is also the recipient of the 2010 Maine Public Utilities Commission, Efficiency Maine’s Hastings Award by the Governor of Maine, Democratic Gov. John Baldacci.

During Dr. Namin's tenure in Massachusetts, he was unanimously named by the Massachusetts Board of Education to serve as Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Mathematics and Science Advisory Council for a three years term. He completed two three years terms in the State Science, Technology & Engineering Advisory Council and took part in the revision of the new Science, Technology & Engineering Framework. He was recognized by the Northborough Board of Selectmen, on behalf of the citizens of Northborough for six years of dedicated service as the chairman of the Northborough Youth Commission and was elected by the Town of Old Orchard Beach Maine to serve in the Town's Finance Committee.He served as the Vice President of the Massachusetts Computer Using Educators Association and is a certified Site Coordinator and designed online AP Chemistry course for the Virtual High School. He has implemented partnership with the Wide World On Line and the Harvard Graduate School of Education to offer online professional development.

Dr. Namin has a collaborative, dynamic, energetic leadership style who can build strong teams through building strong relationships. As Chief Executive Officer of the school district, he has experience in providing an efficient operation for the school system, provide the leadership to the School Committee in the development of a system-wide shared goals and objectives, and is familiar with and has a strong understanding of state and federal laws, Department of Education regulations, and School Committee policy. He is honest, trustworthy, transparent, and committed to success and maintains high standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in personal and professional matters. As a school superintendent, he represents the school system in a professional manner at all times and encourage open communication with staff, administrators, community representatives, and school committee members. He is a child-centered educational leader exemplifying the strong characteristics as a strategic thinker, collaborative leader, effective communicator, and an excellent manager and problem-solver.

Dr. Namin has the working knowledge as a school superintendent and have the unique qualifications in building a strong relationship with the school committee through promotion of a climate of mutual respect, trust, and maintaining a professional working relationship. He has experience in establishing a clear direction for the School Committee meetings by providing agendas and support materials that allow for reasonable policy formation and informed decision-making and supporting and implementing School Committee policies and directives and effectively communicate these to the students, staff, and members of the community.

Dr. Namin has the working knowledge as a school superintendent in budget management of 33 million dollars budget, presenting a budget to the School Committee in a manner that promotes their full understanding, a budget with consideration of the needs of the entire system based on a formal assessment process, and promotes the school system and gather community support for school finances. He has the experience as a school superintendent in being responsible, either directly or indirectly, for the hiring of all school personnel, to make personnel decisions approached in a non-discriminatory and impartial manner, fosters an environment conducive to good teaching. He is always alert to issues that affect staff morale, actively concerned with a meaningful staff evaluation program, and provide a balanced staff development program, keeping the School Committee informed in appropriate matters of collective bargaining, performance standards, professional development, and grievances.


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